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Wow, where did February go?

March 2nd, 2007 No comments

Time certainly has flown this month….

But it was good, busy, oh was it busy, but good. Sadly though, little time for riding.

Q and I celebrated our anniversary early in the month and we had an outstanding dinner at La Régalade. We started out the evening by stopping at The Beach House on Dundarave Pier (whew, that name is far too long) for a glass of vino, an plate of their “beach dip” and the view. Once we found our way to La Régalade for yet another appy and the mains.

We both started with the French onion soup, followed up by our mains. I chowed down on slow braised veal cheek dish and Q opted for the Seven Hour Lamb. Both were great but we should have just ordered the one main to split. The portions there are very generous!
I have to say though, I found the lamb to be much more interesting and robust in flavours over the veal.

The following week was Valentines day, so of course I was panicking a bit about doing something nice for us in the days before(I hate giving roses and going out to a restaurant on that night). I hit upon the idea of making the Seven Hour Lamb, trouble was the La Régalade cookbook was at her place and I wouldn’t be able to discreetly sneak it out. So the internet comes to the rescue. Now normally the only search engine I ever use is Google, but it couldn’t find the recipe anywhere online at all. In desperation I tried Yahoo! and it came up on the 1st hit. Go figure…

Anyhow, I started the dish before I left for work that morning and had a neighbour drop by to pull it out of the oven later that afternoon. After reheating it and reducing the sauce somewhat it was ready to go. I had stopped by Liberty on Granville Island to pick up a nice bottle of French wine the day before and the girl there recommended a bottle of the 2003 Château Rousselle CÔTES DE BOURG, with the recommendation to decant it for a minimum of an hour before serving. Woah, it was amazing fresh out of the bottle, exceptionally tanic, but good. After an hour in the decanter it opened up like nothing else and blew both our socks off.

Needless to say Q was impressed with the meal and even said she enjoyed my lamb over the one they served at the restaurant! :) Sometimes I think I should get back into the cooking biz… but then I give my head a shake and move on.

We even managed to get away for a wee weekend trip to Princeton this month too. My good friend Guy and his family own a cabin 20km outside of town. So a Friday night found us making the trek there from Vancouver arriving around midnight and then having to snowshoe into it from the nearest neighbours place. I always love visiting that cabin, it’s comfy, remote and a nice little get away that’s not far from the city. Q and I have been there twice now together and we’re now looking to buy a chunk of vacation property within a 4 hour drive of Vancouver.

The majority of the month for the two of us was taken up by purging excess stuff from our closets in preparation for the big merge.

Oh, want to know what happens when two food and wine geeks merge households? A combined wine collection of about 5 or 6 cases, and a kitchen that initially looked like this!

Oh and I finally got a ride in right at the end of the month! About time too.

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